Grizzly Self Storage - Worst customer service ever, plain and simple.

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Since the beginning of signing the storage lease with them, they have been nothing but rude. I know they have a business to run and I am sorry that I've missed my payments by a few days a few times, but that is absolutely no reason for them to be *** about it, shoot I even paid the late fee no problem.

The owner and her daughter are both very rude and cut throat, and in my opinion that it no way to run a business. Good customer service is the key in making a positive image of the business.

In this last week, I told them that I get paid a few days after the late period and to make a note of that and that was that. Then I got a phone call reminding me I was late, then I got a letter in the mail saying I was late, then when I tried to pay the freaking bill, I got a voicemail. What the ***?

Stay away from this place, go to Public Storage or something, where they know how to treat customers.

Grizzly Self Storage SUCKS!

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